About the Authors


Tonya Southwick

Lost her second child during infancy to complications caused by congenital heart defects. This devastating loss heightened her lifelong commitment to helping children. In direct response to her own family's loss, and with hopes to help other families begin their journey toward healing, she authored and illustrated Sad About Sammy.

Currently residing in Ohio, Tonya enjoys outdoor activities, volunteering for children's charities, and exploring the arts in her free time.

Valette Sopp, Contributing Author

Valette Sopp, Contributing Author


Received her Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology and Child Development from The Ohio State University.  She worked with the University in developing their Child Development Field Experience, and has supervised students within that program.  She has worked with and been a teacher of young children for seventeen years.  Enjoying artistic pursuits, Valette also enjoys painting murals for homes and businesses and currently resides with her husband in Ohio.


Scott Southwick

Scott is the first of Tonya's four children, and in memory of his sister, contributed the graphic design, illustration photography, and photo editing for Sad about Sammy.